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Our chicken, our promise


We are proud to only ever serve locally sourced, Irish, Free Range Chicken. We have met the farmers, visited their farms and we believe that one of the reasons our chickens taste as good as they do is because of the great care and dedication our farmers have for their birds.


We have partnered with a dedicated group of Free Range farmers who are based in the rolling hills of Co. Cavan. Our birds are free to roam in specially designed barns which give them easy access to open spaces and lush green pastures.


Our slow growing breed of chickens are are reared on a uniquely developed diet of Irish wheat, soya and corn, are made without animal by product, are fortified with vitamins and amino acids which greatly enhances their overall health. They are never given antibiotics, growth promoters or steroids and are reared by farmers who passionately care about the welfare of their flock.


The key to our secret in simplicity. We carefully hand marinade each bird, let it rest overnight and the slowly roast them on a spit continuously basting in their own juices, which produces a deliciously succulent roast chicken for customers to take home with them or eat in one of our tasty sandwiches – succulent roast chicken served on a bed of fresh salad with butter, mayonnaise and dijon mustard on sourdough bread and a little salt and pepper.


As well as the signature rotisserie chicken, you can also find the amazingly tasty Porchetta – Irish pork loin marinaded in herbs and garlic and roasted with truly crispy crackling. Always worth a try. Irish honey roast ham, roast Irish lamb and delicious succulent Irish beef.