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Free Range Irish Chickens

All our chickens are Irish, Free range and of the highest quality meat. They are all free to roam in their own farms and are looked after very well by the farmers to care for them. They eat a high grade, quality feed and live for 56 days, which is twice as long as non free range birds.

The chickens are delivered directly to us, where we marinade them over night in our own special secret blend of herbs. We then slowly roast them on the spit where they are continuously basting in their own juices until they are just perfect. We bag them in a unique bag which keeps them warm until you bring them home and serve them to a grateful crowd! .

P.S. The chickens can also be re-heated in the bag!! 30 minutes in a warm oven, the bag will protect them from drying out…but it also means less cleaning up for you!